Melody Dance Troupe

The Melody dance troupe, a semi-professional dance group associated with the Greater Boston Chinese Cultural Association, was formed by a group of passionate lovers of traditional Chinese dance, music and performance. We value professionalism in all aspects of our art-- from the professional choreographers we train with, to the authentic traditional costumes we wear-- and have performed in many major ethnic and cultural shows in greater Boston. 

For the past three years, Melody Dance Troupe has performed in First Night Boston and is very much favored by the audiences. The troupe was awarded first prize in the American Chinese Art Society's annual dance competition in 2005, and was subsequently invited to finale the annual, June dance festival at Boston University's Tsai Center for Performing Arts.

Please enjoy the slideshow of our past performance .

Currently, the group has 10 dancers: the chief choreographer is Keke, who graduated from the Beijing Traditional Folk Dance Academy and who worked as a choreographer and dance designer at China Central Television Company (CCTV) in Beijing before settling in the U.S.

知音舞韻是大波士頓區中華文化協會旗下;一群愛好民族舞蹈的舞者組成,跟隨專業舞蹈老師學習,對舞蹈音樂的選擇及服裝制作特別要求嚴格,以達到精益求精的原則,該團成立至今已有5年歷史,2005年春季曾以『彩雲追月』獲得中華藝術文化中心舉辦的舞蹈比賽成人組冠軍,並應邀在該文化中心舉辦的年度舞展中演出。 知音舞韻積極參與宣揚中華文化的各類活動,過去參加的大小演出包括波士頓的第一夜、波士頓主街慶祝新年晚會、昆市中文學校新年晚會、及大波士頓區中華文化協會舉辦的各種文藝活動等等,均獲得一致好評。 目前該團有十位團員,指導老師是畢業於北京舞蹈學院;並曾任中央電視台舞蹈教練及編導的克克。


Yun Lo
Li Zhou
Piling Zhou
Miranda Yang
Liwen Wang
Jane Chen