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Huaxin Chinese Language School is the educational branch of the Greater Boston Chinese Cultural Association (GBCCA). It is administrated by volunteer staff, in collaboration with parents. The goal of this school is to provide an educational opportunity to children as well as adults to learn Chinese language, including listening, speaking, reading, and writing. It also promotes community's awareness for Chinese culture, history, and traditions.

This program is designed to strengthen children’s Chinese language ability, as well as their awareness for Chinese culture and history. Simplified Chinese and Mandarin will be taught using Zhong Wen textbook. Classes are offered at different levels based on the student’s age as well as his/her level of Chinese capability. The program includes two 50 minute sessions of language class followed by a 50 minute session of culture activities. Students of age 5 and older may select to participate in one of the activities such as calligraphy, painting, Chinese chess, cooking, Kung-Fu, Yoyo, Chinese Dance, and arts and crafts. (Activities will be modified based on the new class (-es) will be added). Language classes and extracurricular activities are held on Sunday from 9am to noon.

About Us 

About of Us

One of the main missions of the GBCCA Huaxin Chinese school has been to provide the opportunity for children and adults to learn Chinese language and culture regardless of the family background.

Huaxin Chinese School provides a flexible bilingual curriculum, so that each students will enjoy learning Chinese language and culture in a stress-free environment.

Children Program
Huaxin Chinese school offers small class size, and each student will receive sufficient attention from the teacher. The children classes are offered in different levels based on the student’s age as well as his/her level of Chinese capability in four categories: Preschool, beginning, intermediate, and advanced. Each category may further separate into different sub-levels depending on the levels of the enrolled students.

The program includes two 50-minute sessions of language class followed by a 50-minute session of culture activities. Students of age 5 and older may select to participate in one of the extracurricular activities such as Chinese cooking, Kungfu, Yoyo, and arts and crafts. Etc.

Adult Program
The adult classes are also divided into 2-3 levels depending on the language level of enrolled students. The instructor will design the curriculum based upon the levels of students within the group and interests of the students to decide the allocation of time on conversation, reading, and writing.

In addition to the language classes, the school offers Chinese Cultural class and annual events, such as Chinese New Year Celebration, Speech recital, Dragon boat festival, picnic days, etc.

Huaxin Chinese Language School usually starts the Sunday after the Labor Day weekend and ends in June. Extracurricular classes usually start on the second week in October. Snow day make-up classes occur at the end of the school year.


Registration requires the submission of a signed registration form and the tuition payment. Registration may be submitted by mail or in person. Early registration is strongly encouraged and includes a discount. Download the 2021- 22 registration_form

Or you may register online. Click here to open the online registration form

For payment of the tuition, please make check payable to Huaxin Chinese School, 437 Cherry Street, Newton, MA 02465



  • September 12 - 1st day of School
  • October 10 - No School ( Columbus Day )
  • November 28 - No School ( Thanksgiving )
  • December 25 - No School ( Holiday Break )
  • January 2  - No School ( Holiday Break )
  • January 16  - No School ( MLK Day )
  • January 30 - Start of 2nd Term
  • February 1 - Chinese New Year
  • February 20 - No School ( Presidents Day )
  • April 17 - No School ( Easter )
  • May 29 - No School ( Memorial Day )
  • June 5 - Last Day of School

Download the 2021- 22 school calendar


Address:    437 Cherry Street

            Newton,  MA 02465

Telephone:  617-332-0377


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