Frank Yang – GBCCA 2019 President Elect and 2020 President


On February 15th, 2019, the Board unanimously voted Frank Yang to be the GBCCA 2019 President-Elect and 2020 GBCCA President.

Franklin Yang has worked in, and proceeded to own a few restaurants in the United States since 1977.
In 2010, he joined the Waist Drum Troupe and became a member of GBCCA. He often participated in the
events and performances organized by GBCCA. He is a passionate, artistic, and trustworthy person who
works diligently with people and various tasks.

Frank Yang (楊曉華) GBCCA 會員,2010年 健身腰鼓隊創始人之壹,多年來積極參加GBCCA 的家庭

於2019年2月15日,GBCCA董事會全票通過Frank Yang (楊曉華)成為GBCCA 2019 年下屆會長,2020年會長。

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