Yi-Wen Club

We gather at Yi-Wen club for love of literature, fine arts, and all fun things related to them. We meet at GBCCA Activity Center first Sunday night of every month, please check Calendar for details.

Our activities could start from hearing personal views from writers, artists, scholars, or our selves. further, we like to experience fields new to us like performing arts, architecture, astronomy, or food sampling.

Lots of talent at Yi-Wen turned up new works from time to time, like publication, play, photography, painting, etc. We embrace them dearly. Our activities are not just indoor lectures. We have done hiking, fruit picking, etc. From time to time, we share home concerts among ourselves, or hold enlightening dinner parties with visiting writers, philosophers, etc.


Forward by 胡世沛,2008年3月18日
史家元 (Julian Shih)
  • 隔 代 情 ——《祖父的心里话》(本文經作者同意轉載自「茶與同情」一書, 2002 年發行 )
  • 家在何方 (本文及下文經作者同意轉載自「昨夜光華」一書, 2006 年發行)
  • 李瑞駿 (Raymond Lee)

  • 艰难困苦的幼年 (本文及下文經作者同意轉載自「做人的經驗和心得」一書, 2007 年由紐約柯捷出版社發行)
  • 苦乐相伴的童年
  • 出污泥而不染的少年生活
  • "如果你想知道怎样能"...(书的目录)
  • 韓美琳

  • 不要拿拐子打檨子,不能抱孫子走梯子