Policies and Rules

GBCCA is a not-for-profit, non-political cultural organization. All GBCCA programs are open to everyone with equal access. To be eligible as a GBCCA club/class/group, at least 90% of the club/class members should be GBCCA members.

Rules and operation principles of each club/class/group must adhere to GBCCA’s objectives, philosophy and tax-exempt status. GBCCA welcomes members to form new clubs, however, all users of the GBCCA facility are required to follow the rules and regulations as outlined below.

Any club/class violates these rules will become a non-GBCCA club/class and hence will no longer enjoy GBCCA club/class benefit.

  • Mutual Agreement: All club/class should be administered according to rules agreed upon by participants. No GBCCA club/class belongs to any individual. The Receipts and Expenditure Statement of each club/class should be made available to its members.
  • Responsibility: The responsibilities of the club/class leader are to coordinate the activities of the club/class, to facilitate the communication between GBCCA administrative staff and club/class members and to enforce GBCCA rules and regulations.
  • Non Profit Tax Status: Club/class cannot use “GBCCA” trade name (e.g., d/b/a GBCCA) or GBCCA tax ID to open any bank account. If tax-exempt documents are required for donation purposes, charitable donations will have to be made payable to GBCCA and acknowledgments will be issued by GBCCA officers, not by club/class coordinators (See GBCCA Donation Acknowledgement Policy for details).
  • Affiliation: When a club/class participates in activities outside of GBCCA, it should acknowledge its affiliation with GBCCA. Any club/class should not engage in activities that violate not-for-profit and non-political status of GBCCA and GBCCA’s objectives.
  • Communication: GBCCA officers reserve the rights to directly contact all the club/class members and participants in person, by phone, mail, or e-mail and to call for a meeting for communication and administrative purposes.
  • Late Fee & Penalty for Non Reservation: The annual user fee from each club/class/group is due within 60 days of the beginning of the annual cycle; after 60 days a late fee of $10 will be added each month to the user fee until the fee is paid in full. If the user fee and late fee are not paid within six months, the club/class’s right to use the assigned space will be rescinded. Any group or individual uses GBCCA facility without prior reservation will be charged for fees based on the single-time-user rate; no discount will be granted.
  • Extra Rehearsal Usage: In case extra time/space is needed for rehearsals by any group in addition to its reserved time/space, the group leader should contact GBCCA office in advance. No additional fee is required if the space is available and if the rehearsal is for a GBCCA sponsored event. Any extra rehearsals for non-GBCCA sponsored events will require additional user fees at the existing rate; however, GBCCA groups/club/class may enjoy the discounted annual rate.
  • Reservation Hierarchy: Reservation of the space is in general on the basis of firstreserved, first served. However, should a conflict arise, a GBCCA program (organized by GBCCA, such as Annual Meeting, Fund Raising events or other Educational Program) has higher priority than those organized by GBCCA club/class/groups. Non-GBCCA clubs/classes/groups have the lowest priority. Within each category, a group program (with at least five participants) has higher priority than an individual program.
  • Sharing: To make the GBCCA facility more accessible to a larger number of members, any club/class/group cannot reserve the Main Hall for more than 2 hours consecutively on a weekly basis. Time-sharing is necessary during prime time (Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings after 5 pm) between group/club/class. Any club/class or group that reserves the Main Hall for a specific weekend evening must leave one evening available for other club/class or group use during each month.
  • Permanent Equipment Storage and Liabilities: Storage of permanent/large equipment at GBCCA facility used by a club/class/group exclusively requires the approval of the Building Committee. GBCCA bears no responsibility for any damage or loss of the equipment, and a waiver form should be signed by the club/class/group to relieve GBCCA from property damage liability.
  • Waiver Form: Each participant is required to fill out a waiver form for each of the club/class in which he/she attends to relieve GBCCA from personal injury liability. The coordinator is responsible to collect and submit waiver form from all club members to GBCCA office. If a club is composed of several groups, each group should submit waiver forms separately.