Outreach Programs

Every year we provide Chinese workshop for elementary school students.

This program is designed for 2nd ~ 3rd graders to learn about the Chinese culture.

The workshop will run between 10:00 am and 12:00 pm and includes the activities outlined below.

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Chinese Language and Calligraphy

30 minutes

An introduction of how Chinese Characters were developed and how to use the brush pen to write Chinese.

Abacus and Mahjong

30 minutes

Students will be divided into two groups: one for Abacus and the other, Mahjong. Each session will last for 12-15 min. Abacus is a calculation tool invented by the Chinese. Students will learn the basic skills. Mahjong is a traditional Chinese game for 4 players that requires intense mental concentration.

Chinese Arts and Crafts

30 minutes

Students will learn to make a Chinese paper lantern to take home as a souvenir.

Chinese YoYo

30 minutes

Chinese Yoyo or diabolo is a challenging yet fun toy. Students will learn how to play this popular Chinese folk art.