40 Years of Elegance Music Concert(文協國樂團四十週年音樂會) , Saturday May 25



大波士顿文化協會國樂團慶祝成立四十週年“雅韻風華”音樂會將於 5/25/2024(星期六) 7:30 pm, 在勒星頓舉辦,1605 Mass Ave, Battin Hall, Cary Memorial Building, Lexington, MA。

音樂會由文協國樂團音樂總監/指揮陳志新率領演出。 古筝演奏家楊信宜亦應邀演出。演出曲目包括打擊樂《喜慶鑼鼓》、《滾核桃》,彈撥樂《火把節之夜》,吹管小合奏《花妖》, 拉弦小合奏《花兒紅變奏曲》,古筝主奏《 雪山春曉》,合奏 《蘇堤漫步》、《慶神醮》、《採茶舞曲》、《嘆紅樓,晴雯曲》、《美麗的鳯尾竹》、《江南好》、《白牡丹》、《東海漁歌》,及大合奏《鬧新春》、《風雲際會》。

Chinese Music Concert

The Greater Boston Chinese Cultural Association (GBCCA) Chinese Music Ensemble celebrates its 40th anniversary with a music concert on Saturday, May 25, 2024, at 7:30 pm. The event will take place at 1605 Mass Ave, Battin Hall, Cary Memorial Building, Lexington, MA.
During the evening, the audience will be treated to a selection of beautiful and representative pieces from previous years’ performances. There will also be specially arranged ensemble programs by orchestra members. Additionally, former orchestra members have been invited to participate in the grand finale, making the performance diverse and captivating. Everyone is welcome to attend and enjoy the music.
The concert will be conducted by Dr. Chi-Sun Chan, the Music Director and Conductor of the GBCCA Chinese Music Ensemble. Accomplished guzheng performer Shin-Yi Yang will also be a featured guest. The program includes the
following pieces: Percussion Ensemble: “Festive Gong and Drum,” “Rolling Walnuts”
Plucked String Ensemble: “Night of the Torch Festival”
Woodwind Ensemble: “Flower Fairy”
Bowed String Ensemble: “Flower Red Variations”
Guzheng Solo: “Spring Morning on Snowy Mountains”
Ensemble: “Strolling on the Su Causeway,” “Celebrating the God’s Festival,”
“Tea Picking Dance,” “Signing of the Red Chamber,” “Song of Qingwen,”
“Beautiful Phoenix Bamboo,” “Lovely Jiangnan,” “White Peony,” “Song of the
Eastern Sea Fisherman”
Grand Finale: “Lively New Year,” “Gathering of the Heroes”
The concert is free admission with tickets (children under five years old not
allowed). For ticket inquiries, please contact TaichunPan@hotmail.com.

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