GBCCA 讲座: 如何面对孤独感, Oct 29, Sat. 2 pm- 4 pm


GBCCA 讲座:  如何面对孤独感

主讲人: 张蕙如 理疗师

时间:   周六 10/29/2022, 2–4pm (美东时间)

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Meeting ID: 867 0555 3708
Passcode: 1029


“你無法阻擋不斷來襲的浪潮; 但你可以學習如何衝浪駕馭浪潮。” – Jon Kabat- Zinn

张蕙如理疗师是美國合格心理專業諮商師與受過嚴格訓練的藝術治療師,畢業於Lesley藝術治療研究所並同時擁有MassArt藝術教育碩士學位。她具備多年藝術治療跟遊戲治療的經驗還有督導諮商師的經驗, 且能有效的將這個經驗融入傳統諮商模式讓治療過程達到更深的效果。 在過去的10多年, 她成功幫助許多個案並且督導諮商師了解如何處理創傷引發出的各樣症狀,如何管理情緒, 調整負面行為,壓力排解, 學習加強正向溝通技巧, 經營人際與家庭關係和自我認知,成長與信心重建 。

We all face loneliness at certain times in our lives, and it is an unpleasant feeling.  Sometimes it comes and goes without much of our control.  How to deal with loneliness – to face or to fight,becomes a life skill that will benefit us all.

You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.” – Jon Kabat-Zinn

Hui Ju Change is an Expressive Art Therapist who provides therapy in Taiwanese, Mandarin, and English, for a variety of ages. She has expertise in cross-cultural/intergenerational conflicts, relationship challenges, parenting stress, work-life balance, life transitions, depression, anxiety, grief, racial/cultural identity issues, self-esteem, and trauma healing.

Graduated from Lesley College and Massachusetts College of Art, she has degree in both Art Therapy and Art Education.  She integrates expressive art therapy with talk therapy, mindfulness, Trauma-Informed Care, and CBT to help clients find peace, balance, calmness, and joy.

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