Liberty Mutual Volunteers Made Our Center Neat and Shine


A team of 10 volunteers from Liberty Mutual led by Winnie Chu was at GBCCA to make the GBCCA building clean, clear, and pretty. They painted basement hall and hallway, classroom 009 in the basement and classrooms 105 and 106 in the first floor; cleaned second floor main hall and kitchen; unified chairs style at each classroom; and removed bucky recyclable materials and trash. See attached photo.

GBCCA Board Director Lily Lawn-Tsao led volunteers from the Building Committee (Nancy Feng and myself) to provide assistance and guidance to the Liberty Mutual team. Our long time handyman Terrence Chen did all preparations, provided technical instructions to volunteers, and did all final touches after.

In addition our volunteer James Chu, Nancy Feng, and myself researched and purchased replacement chairs for conference room. James spent an entire day to assemble all ten chairs.

It was a great team effort and it was a professional and well done work.

With this fresh looking facility, let us all work together to keep our facility fresh and neat by:

1. Returning all furnitures to its original places after each use,

2. Not moving chairs and tables to different floors ALL THE TIME,

3. Cleaning and/or dusting off after each use,

4. Covering table tops if ink or paint spelling is anticipated,

5. Reporting any incidence, damage and/or risk to Hong Yen (GBCCA office) and Yauwu Tang (GBCCA Building Committee)

6. Sending us e-mail for any suggestion to improve our service.

Thanks very much for your corporation,

Happy Summer Holidays,

Yauwu Tang,
The Building Committee

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